Barbara's Farm Stand 2020

Gouache on recycled brown paperbags
6” x 6” x 2”

With the COVID-19 plague came the fear that we would have no food. Like most folks around the world, New Yorkers, including me, started to worry that the normal food chain would be broken. As isolation and quarantine became the norm, my daily concerns turned mostly to how to pack food into my freezer and my kitchen cabinets. It is fresh food that has become more difficult to keep for longer periods. With that, I have started to draw and paint items of fresh fruits and vegetables, creating an organic, home grown farm stand. I found a pile of recycled brown paper bags while cleaning out a drawer and have taken them to use bright colorful gouache as my medium. The quick and loose imagery is similar to the signage used in farmers' markets with its fluorescent type to announce the homegrown quality of the produce and its low prices. It was the memory of the Amish's primitive wooden farmers' vegetable stands in the center of Lancaster, Pa., where I shopped as child every Friday, that inspired my "Farm Stand," this one in Manhattan. I have been an abstract painter for 50 years and this work has allowed me to maintain my artistic sanity while gettingthrough these difficult times. I hope to sell reproductions of these paintings and to donate the funds to real food banks as my way of supporting their efforts to feed the really foodless. The paradox of this is that I live in the Ansonia. In 1904, there was farm on the roof of the building. Here it is, 2020, and I have a farm stand on the 13th floor. I deliver.